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Fun and Interactive Selfie Museum for Every Selfie Lover

The Pixel Experience in Greenville, SC is a selfie museum with fun and interactive installation pieces. Through this space, guests can tour over 20 instagrammable backdrops where you can take photos with your friends and family or by yourself. Bluetooth ring lights with remotes are available for your convenience . The Pixel Experience is the perfect place for Instagramers, Tik Tokers, and Social Influencers to create awesome pictures to share. Be sure to tag us as you upload to Social Media.

Museum Guide

If you’re planning a visit, read through our process on how the booking works:

  • Book your hour-long session.
  • Choose how many people are joining your group.
  • Show up at the scheduled date and have loads of fun!

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Express yourself through selfies! Bring your friends and family and create memories together in this fun space.